Club Med ready to reopen for Summer season in Italy from the end of June

For seventy years its name and its symbol (the trident of Neptune) have been the evocation of holidays, an adventure that began on the Mediterranean coasts, and ended up traveling around the world, always touching exotic, fascinating destinations, usually unreachable: from Ixtapa to Columbus Isle, from Turquoise to Phuket.

The company has already faced crises such as the epidemic from Sars, the bird flu, the tsunami, the eruption of the volcano in Iceland, etc. And Club Med has always managed to "get out of all past emergencies, stronger than before". Since the pandemic broke out, the company's only goal has been the safety of customers and employees. But now we are thinking about the reopening.

How will Club Med reopen in the post-Covid period?

Starting in the same way as before would be a mistake, because this crisis offers the opportunity to rethink tourism itself. There will be a "new normal", made of new attention, for oneself, for others, for the environment. In this sense, the crisis and the restart are a formidable opportunity. It will be necessary to go back to the essentials, to give back to the journey its primitive meaning, the rediscovery of the environment, local cultures and traditions. After the lockdown the holiday will be close, therefore to the discovery of the beauties that surround us.

Club Med plans to reopen in Italy at the end of June, in compliance with all possible social and health security rules. The internal protocol mainly includes the sanitization of all the areas, several times a day, the reorganization of the common spaces, the refreshment points, the "served" buffets, and the room services. The occupancy rate of the premises will be very low, if not halved by the spacing rules. We must restore trust and certainty of a safe holiday and, for this reason, transparency and communication with customers are essential.

The structures that will surely reopen are the Resort of Cefalù and Pragelato Vialattea, and 15 other structures beyond the French border. The mountain, never before like this summer, can offer distances, enlargement, environmental health, all requirements that were taken for granted, but that have become basic today. The reopening of the Kamarina Resort, in Sicily, is still under consideration.

Furthermore, despite the health crisis, there are also new projects: the new resort on the Lido of Venice, the expansion of Pragelato structure, with the addition of one hundred rooms, Sansicario, in Piedmont, and other possibilities are under evaluation.

We expect good news also for the other Countries in the coming months.